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McCabins is all things home! We not only make tiny homes, but also full-size coordinating accessories! If you're thinking about new decor, or staging your own home, we can create a diorama to help you with decisions, before you take the leap!

Handmade Arcade 2019!


I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be a vendor at the Handmade Arcade Show this December 7th, at the David L Lawrence Convention Center.  Also, catch me at Construction Junction on December 21, 2019, with lots of handmade holiday gifts!



In addition to mini homes, 11" hand stitched apparel is now available in small supply, and will be available at upcoming markets - stay tuned!

What We Do


Our McCabins are created with a focus on upcycling. All homes and rooms are handmade, with attention to detail, at an affordable price. If you like crafting, "starter homes" are available to put your own stamp on.



Shaggies are fun, affordable accessories, created with colorful yarns, twines and natural elements.

Shaggies look great on an accent wall, and make wonderful gifts! Look for your school and/or team colors. 



McCabins are individual rooms, handmade with wooden crates - with a focus on upcycling. Each crate is just over 12" high by 18"  wide. Crates can be grouped to create full homes, some for play, some for display.